SevenSix is a powerful companion for coaches & players

One place for insight, online coaching and performance tracking


Performance boosting tech made simple

SevenSix is a innovative tool that collects and systematizes information about your tennis.

Upload as you play

Feed information into the platform via sensors, cameras, and coaches

Teamwork is Dreamwork

SevenSix enables collaboration in context, between members on your team. Members are typically players, coaches and advisors. SevenSix offers real-time collaboration, even if a player and coach are in different locations.

Additional revenue for Coaches

Automated online process from player order to coach revenue.

Learn from the best 

With SevenSix you can make your data available to your favorite coach, or any coach by email invitation. Expand your development with online feedback.  

Safe Play 

All data under your profile is yours and inaccessible to others than your team. You decide who you wish to share your data with 


Hi there ambitious tennis player!

All relevant information about your game in one platform

Access to coaches 24/7

Receive online coaching on your performance

Communicate in real time with your team

Hello, top-notch coach!

Systematizes relevant information about your players game

Enables online feedback in coach editor

Add the preferred sensor for more metrics.

Ensures continuous documentation and performance tracking 

Engage and retain tennis players

Boost your  coaching  revenue with online coaching


SevenSix CoachFREE TRIAL

Invite players to join you team

Coach Editor


Engage and retain players

Get paid for online coaching

15G storage included

SevenSix Player33 Euros per feedback

Invite coaches for online coaching

Get online feedback on you uploaded video.

Access to in-app payments

We believe

We believe in developing ambitious tennis players. We believe in a digital ecosystem for players, coaches and teams. We believe in eliminating pen and paper for tennis coaches and players. We believe in gathering all valuable information in one place. We believe in collecting important data to improve learning, using AI, sensors and machine learning. We believe in providing coaches with a new income source. We believe in “feeding” your tennis.

 The SevenSix platform is developed together with trained professionals both coaches, players and other relevant resources. The team has strong track record in Information technology and tennis. We love the game both as spectators and players. We are in this to play a part of in the new eras to come, our greater purpose is “Tennis for Life”. 

The SevenSix platform is developed together with The Norwegian tennis federation.  

SevenSix would like to thank the coaches and players who has given valuable insight in what they need to evolve as teams. The Norwegian tennis federation has granted us with facilities and resources to test our platform. Capgemini and Microsoft have given us access to the best available technology and resources. Nordic Tennis has given us access to fantastic pictures for our website. Thank you also to Innovation Norway for believing in the concept and providing us with necessary resources to advance. Thank you all! 



How will the SevenSix platform be extracting my data?

Your data is generated by your team. In combination we will build integrations with machine generated data from tournament tools and sensor based data from your preferred sensors (Fitbit, Babolat Play/PIQ, Zepp) and other.

My data includes very personal information. Who else will have access to my data?

You are in control of your own site, you will invite your members that will have access to your personal data.

How can I be sure that my data is secure?

SevenSix use the most secure cloud solutions available with 99,9% uptime. The data centers are classified to military grade, so this is the safest place to store your data.

If I order match reports or training reports, how secure is the payment method?

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, Stripe use of best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain an elevated level of security.

How long does it take for the reports to be sent to me after my payment?

Depending on you coach, but it should not take more than 2 days to finish your feedback.

I want to add my parent as a member to my profile. How can I do that?

The players are the owners of their own site and can invite friends via email invitation.

Do you share information with Facebook and Google?

To facilitate ease sign in we have added Facebook or Google as sign in option. No data will be shared to Facebook or Google. Please remember how you logged in as it will create a second profile if you log in by creating a new account as well as sign in with Facebook or Google.

How do I as a coach get payed?

A transaction will only be processes if you get an online order from a player. After you push finish report,  the transaction will be conducted. SevenSix will make payouts the last day of each month directly to you PayPal account. Your reimbursement will be 80% of 299 NOK/ 33 EUR. Please remember to add your PayPal email/account in SevenSix settings. If you do not have an PayPal Account, you can register a new account via SevenSix Settings.