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This privacy statement explains how SevenSix AS collects and uses personal information about you.

SevenSix links to websites owned and operated by other businesses. We do not process or have access to personal information posted on these websites, unless otherwise specified in this statement. SevenSix AS is not responsible for any content or processing of personal information on other websites. See own privacy statements.

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1. Responsible for processing. 2. Purpose of processing. 3. What information is being processed? 4. Privacy information about minors. 5. The legal basis for the processing. 6. Access to the information. 7. Direct marketing. 8. Data processing and transmission of information to foreign countries. 9. How do we secure the information? 10. Your rights. 11. Enforcement of this Privacy Statement. 12. Consent, choice of law and jurisdiction. 13. Changes to the statement.

1. Responsible for processing

SevenSix AS is responsible for processing your personal information.

2. Purpose of processing

It is voluntary for those who visit the website to provide personal information regarding service, such as receiving newsletters and updates on new features of the platform.

SevenSix will use your personal information for some of the following purposes:

• Use of e-mail addresses and mailing addresses for newsletters and other relevant information.

• For statistics retrieval, aggregation and management of web pages and services. Information is collected for SevenSix AS to get additional information about users, including to find out how users access SevenSix AS’s websites and to track general usage patterns for users on our web pages. We use this information to manage and improve our web pages.

3. What information is being processed?

We process both personal identifiable information and non-personal identifiable information about you. Personally, identifiable information is information that identifies you as an individual. Non-personally identifiable information is information and other information that does not reveal your personal identity.

Personally, Identifiable Information.

We collect and process the following information:

• You can subscribe to our newsletter to enable yourself to receive emails from SevenSix AS about current news. In order for us to send an email to the correct subscriber, you must register your first name, last name and email address.

• If you make a request to SevenSix AS through our web pages, for example by sending us an email, then relevant information could be stored such as your name and email address.

• When you visit SevenSix AS's web pages, your IP address is registered. SevenSix AS does not directly link this information to you as a user. We use the information to manage and maintain our pages. Examples on answers the statistics provide are: how many people visits different pages, how long does the visits last, keywords, which web pages users come from and what browsers are used. These statistics enables us to develop better and more user-friendly offers. See more about web analytics and cookies below.

Web analytics and cookies

SevenSix also collects and processes unidentified information about visitors on We use common technologies, including Google Analytics, to collect information about users so that we can always provide the best possible functionality and further develop information on the website. This information is retrieved from the computer's browser and may include IP address, operating system, browser software (such as "Microsoft Internet Explorer"), screen resolution, and sender network page.

"Cookies" are small information capsules (text files) that the web page asks your browser to store. This allows the web page to remember your actions or preferences over time. uses the following cookies:

• Statistics and information about how visitors use our web page. We aggregate information and create reports that help us improve the experience. The tools only use first-party cookies to collect data. These cookies, and the data collected, are anonymous and cannot be used to identify you as a person.

• Information about login and some preferences will be stored in cookies. This is information that does not concern you as a person, nor is it used in other ways.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can always choose not to accept cookies by changing your computer's settings to reject "cookies" or to approve cookies, but this might limit the selection of features available. The setting is to be understood as a consent if the user expresses acceptance of cookies. This also applies if the browser is pre-set for acceptance.

If you do not want SevenSix AS to collect anonymous data from you, you can opt out of this collection on Google Analytics or by changing the security settings on your computer. Read more about blocking Google Analytics registration.

4. Privacy information about minors

SevenSix AS does not collect information regarding age and does not consciously process information about children under the age of 15. If a user is under 15 years old, the child's guardian will be able to create and manage the user profile.

5. The legal basis for processing.

We have the basis for processing personal data according to the personal data act of 14 April 2000 No. 31 § 8 and EU’s personal data protection directive 95/46/EF article 7, both because processing of personal data is necessary to make orders (personal data act § 8 a)) and personal protection directive, article 7 b)) and to fulfil the purpose of SevenSix AS (personal data act § 8 f) and the personal data protection act article 7 f).

It is optional for those who visit the web page to provide personal information regarding services such as receiving newsletters, etc. In such cases, the basis for processing your information is an agreement with you, unless otherwise specified.

6. Access to information.

To ensure that the processing of your information is safe, only authorized persons in SevenSix AS have access to the information you provide. The number of employees with such approval is limited. Access to information is secure with several access control mechanisms.

We will not disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or forward information or personal information to any third party other than those with approval and provides services to SevenSix AS, unless we have permission from you.

We will not share personal information with our distribution partners to a greater extent than necessary to complete a purpose, such as sending brochures and newsletters.

SevenSix AS has contractually agreed with our suppliers and partners that they cannot use your personal information without permission. These have also signed a confidentiality declaration.

7. Direct marketing

Newsletters and information about updates on the platform are broadcasted at various times. You can unsubscribe at any time via the newsletter or in your user profile at

We do not allow a third party to use your personal information for marketing or communication purposes.

8. Data processing and transmission of information to foreign countries.

SevenSix AS has entered into an agreement with the following data providers:

• Microsoft

All SevenSix AS's web pages are placed on servers in Amsterdam, but our data servers have reserved the right to transfer information to servers or subcontractors in other countries.

If information is transferred within the EU/EEA area, we will ensure that the EU directive on personal data relating to data processing and country-specific data protection laws are followed. If we convey personal information to a third party outside the EEA, we will ensure that the transfer is in accordance with the EU personal data directive. If information is transferred to the US, we would prefer to use safe harbor-certified businesses.

9. How do we secure the information?

SevenSix AS has established rules and procedures for the protection of personal data and privacy.

If we process "non-personally identifiable information" combined with "personally identifiable information" (for example, your name combined with geographic location), the aggregated information will be processed as personally identifiable information. If we collect or convey sensitive personal information, we use reputable methods to protect the information.

If we convey your personal information to a third party, we will ensure that there are arrangements and agreements that secures the information and prevents the third party from using the personal information for purposes other than those agreed.

We shall use all reasonable precautions to ensure that our employees, data service providers and third parties who have access to information about you have adequate information to ensure that they only process this information in accordance with this statement and our obligations under the Privacy Policy.

10. Your Rights

People who ask are entitled to information about personal data processing in a company according to the personal information act section 18, 1. SevenSix AS has provided the information in this statement.

If SevenSix AS processes personal information about you, you are entitled to access your own information. If your personal information is incorrect, incomplete or there is no access to processing them, you may request SevenSix AS to correct the information. See contact information initially in the statement.

We do not process and store information about you for longer than necessary, only for what is required under entered agreements and not beyond the scope of the law. We will delete personal information when a user declares that he/she no longer wishes to use the service. For example, your email address will be deleted when you unsubscribe or if we receive a message indicating an inactive email address.

Other personal information not associated with an active subscription will be deleted after one year.

11. Enforcement of this Privacy Statement

SevenSix AS may use information we have collected about you when we have reason to believe that it is necessary to identify, contact, or take legal action against individuals or companies that may harm you, us, or others. We may also disclose your information when we believe the law requires it.

12. Consent, choice of law and jurisdiction.

This Privacy Statement applies to all users of our website. We require that users agree to comply with the statement as a part of our relationship.

By using our web page, you agree that your personal information may be processed in accordance with this Privacy Statement, including transferred to data servers and third parties, as described in the statement.

SevenSix AS is governed by Norwegian law. You agree that any disputes shall be processed by a court in Oslo in accordance with the laws of Norway, unless mandatory local law requires different actions.

13. Changes to the statement.

SevenSix AS reserves the right to amend or update the Privacy Statement. All changes are contemporary from when they are posted and will include information collected from that date as well as existing information stored by SevenSix AS. You can research when these policies were last revised by viewing "Last Updated" in the sentence under.

Last updated: 09.11.2017.