EULA (End user license agreement)
Between SevenSix AS and Customer

Welcome to SevenSix and thanks for accessing our services.

This agreement governs the relationship between SevenSix and the customer regarding the use of the learning and development application and associated modules.

Intention of the agreement

The contents of this agreement are described in detail within the underlying chapters. The agreement's intentions are:

· Give customers access to the system.
· Regulate mercantile conditions.
· Ensure customer ownership and confidentiality in relation to own data.

The customer has the following rights and obligations when entering this EULA:

· Access and rights to order modules on, as well as support through the channels that SevenSix defines.
· Proprietary right to registered data. In case of termination of the customer relationship, the customer is entitled to export contacts, entries and attachments to a machine-readable format.
· Access to new versions of the ordered modules under the validity of the agreement.
· The customer is obliged to use SevenSix in accordance with good Norwegian business practice.

SevenSix has the following rights and obligations when entering into this EULA:

· Do not allow unauthorized/third parties access to sensitive accounting data about the customer except by statutory obligation. SevenSix can provide access to the company's registered chairman by copying a valid ID.
· Right to make changes and upgrades in the system.
· Right to log and analyze usage patterns and data in order to offer increased functionality and improvements as long as anonymity is maintained. This means, for example, using a registered account for a supplier and suggesting it to new customers, as long as the initial registration cannot be traced.
· Right to change price and price model. If changes exceed the consumer price index, customers must be notified at least three months before this change is implemented.
· In the event of any errors or deficiencies in the system, SevenSix's liability is limited to the amount the customers pays while using the system.
· In case of non-payment by customers, SevenSix has the right to block access to its own services.
· Right to transport this agreement to a subsidiary or other limited company


· Users pay a monthly license fee to use the application.
· SevenSix settles quarterly and repays coaches. In case of termination, customers may not be refunded if they have any outstanding payments.
· Users register credit/debit cards via the Stripe payment application. Payment is in cash and in advance using SevenSix.
· The price applies to per user and the price for online feedback is 299 NOK.
· Prices quoted are VAT included.


Email is a valid form of communication in all aspects of this agreement. SevenSix's e-mail address is always available at Customer’s e-mail addresses are the addresses that are registered on the company's profile in the system. It is the customers responsibility to update this.

Agreement duration

This agreement may be terminated by the customer effectively by the following calendar month and SevenSix may terminate this agreement with a three months notice.


Any disputes that may arise between the parties in connection with this agreement shall be settled by arbitration in Norway in accordance with the Norwegian disputes act. Norwegian law shall always be used, and Oslo is regarded as the court of law in case of dispute resolution.

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