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By May 2, 2019Newsletter

Hi team!

We hope you´ve had an incredible start to 2019 and are well on your way towards a new year with great tennis moments! We are so excited to start this season with you!

Here´s some of what you can expect from our newsletters moving forward:

  • Tips on how to make the most of SevenSix platform
  • Latest insights on technology​
  • Shout outs to our awesome SevenSix team of coaches
  • Updates on SevenSix. We strive to improve off court every day, so you can succeed on court.


Stavanger Tennis Club Norway partners up with SevenSix:

– We want to be at the forefront of new technology and of concepts that push the sport of tennis forward, says Cezar Johansson, manager of one of Norway´s largest tennis clubs, Stavanger tennis club.

– A lot of our members do not have access to our coaches, and there are several reasons for this. A couple of reasons are that our coaches are fully booked when a member wants to be coached or that the courts are fully booked when a member has the possibility to be coached. We want to make our coaches more accessible to our members and we want for our coaches to have more possibilities. SevenSix helps us with both of these things. That is why we encourage our coaches and players to sign up to SevenSix.

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SevenSix receives grant from Innovation Norway:

Our research shows that only 50% of the members of a tennis club have access to a tennis coach or technology to help them improve. We want to change this. SevenSix equips players with an innovative and user friendly technology to become better players – throughout their life. Our ambition is to build the world´s first AI tennis coach, which will help both players and coaches improve.

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SevenSix interviewed by Tennistechie.com:

Tennistechie.com is all about the future of coaching / learning tennis. Founder Alex Johansson is a big believer of productive technology as a tool for the future of tennis. Alex recently spoke with CEO of SevenSix, Trond Kittelsen, about the current state of SevenSix, the company’s development as a startup, and the potential of exciting new tennis technologies.



Rafael Nadal is implementing new technology to give him an edge on the court. Coach Carlos Moya utilizes video and data to further refine Rafael Nadal’s form:

During a preseason training session, Rafael Nadal’s physiotherapist, Rafael Maymo, whipped out his iPhone while Rafa executed a serve as coach Carlos Moya looked on. The purpose: To analyze, frame by frame, the mechanics of his swing. Video is just one tool the team is utilizing in the hopes of producing a more potent serve and improve his overall game.